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We scale eCommerce & Info Product brands profitably by creating omnipresence across multiple social platforms, whilst overseeing their paid ads growth every step of the way.


Scaling Your Brand Can Be Achieved, Profitably, In 90-Days Or Less...

Scaling Online Is Simple With the proper approach.

At Pinnacle Media, our mission is to drive true business results for eCommerce & Info Product brands & relieve brand owners of the headaches that comes with proper marketing preparation & execution. 

Our partners don't pay us a single penny unless we deliver profitable results as we promise.

Clients We Proudly Partner With


paid traffic growth

Our team is responsible for overseeing the success of your paid traffic campaigns and ensuring your ad dollars are being spent as efficiently & effectively as possible. Managing the paid traffic includes testing, scaling, optimizing, and maintaining healthy growth within your ad results.

strategic analysis

It's important to have a strong customer acquisition journey as an eCommerce & Info Product brand, especially if you're trying to sustain long term success. Thats why we provide immense direction towards components including website CRO, funnel optimizations & offer creation. You can feel confident that you'll receive the necessary support every step of the way of scaling your business.

Ad Creatives

Creating an abundance of ad creatives for most brand owners is a huge pain. Our agency will coordinate hand selected content creators that align with your brand and create highly quality image and video content that we can use for our ad campaigns.


Brands Partnered With.


Client Ad Spend Managed.


Team Members.

We Accelerate Predictable Results For eCommerce & Info Product Brands.

Any brand that doesn't have an effective system where they can confidently spend $1 and receive $3, $5, or $12 in return, is on a surefire path to not reaching multiple 5, 6, or 7-figures per month. 

Our clients at Pinnacle Media get access to our proven customer acquisition methods that we've forged & battle tested as a team. By implementing these systems we can confidently turn your ad spend dollars into new realized profit. 

Equipped with this level of certainty, adding multiple 6 and even 7-figures to your monthly bottom line is simply a by-product of the machine we've established solely to benefit you.


$982,000 in 1 year

This one stop "Gift Shop" came to us only using Google Ads to advertise their business. Once we introduced them to our 'Omnipresence' methods, we began scaling them to 7-figure mark in just 12-months.


$484,000 in 5 MONTHS

Revenue is a meaningless metric. Profit & your monthly bottomline is the metric we as an agency look to focus on improving when working with our partners. Our goal with this client was to ensure profitable results on a ROAS level were met beyond their expectations, even though their products had very low profit margins.


$137,000 in 4 months

IOS 14 hurt a lot of businesses. Although the user privacy has changed the landscape of advertising, it doesn't mean that you have to forgo your bottomline results. We helped this struggling client revive their during the mayhem of IOS 14, so they could continue running their business headache free knowing online still we're still climbing.

Curious To See How We Can Help You Scale?

Our short process to ensure we only work with E-Commerce brands who are a great fit.

Discovery Call

Schedule your free 30-minute meeting with Domenic Iandolo, where we'll talk about your brands logistics and goals to establish if moving forward is a great fit.

Strategy Session

During our second meeting, we'll dive into deeper detail about team culture, the exact deliverables our team is responsible for and our expectations we have for our clients.

Onboarding Meeting

If confirmed either during our "Strategy Session" or scheduled on a future date, you'll then be onboarded into our agency, so we can begin collaborating to help your business become the industry giant it deserves.

The Media Platforms We Specialize In

Will you be our next success story?


"Working with Pinnacle Media was an incredibly smooth process and they dramatically improved my brands bottom line."
Johnny Del R.
Pet Supplies Brand Owner
"Once my account was optimized, they ran highly profitable campaigns that generated tremendous revenue for my brand."
Gloria A.
Pet Supplies Brand Owner
"Pinnacle Media helped me take my social media presence to the next level. They were able to generate insane awareness which led to tons of sales."
Lizbeth A.
Beauty & Cosmetics Brand Owner
"Dom and the Pinnacle Media team delivered Top-tier advertising insights into our site customer funnel to maximize on conversions."
Alex Moy.
Home Decor Consultant
"My subscription service blew up with the ad strategies executed by Pinnacle Media! Truly a first class agency."
Charlie M.
Online Personal Trainer
"The team at Pinnacle is tremendous! Thank you for a fantastic service and the most astonishing can-do attitude throughout our collaboration."
Barend Kruger.
Pet Supplies Brand Owner

Our Systems Are Proven To Help E-Commerce & Info Product Brands Scale Profitably & Predictably.

Womens Fashion Boutique

5.63x ROAS in 1 Day

By simply placing unique core offer in this clients "Middle Of The Funnel" & "Bottom Of The Funnel", we were able to increase their profitability almost instantly the day our campaigns went live.
Swimsuit Brand

$9,000 in 1 Day

During the holidays, navigating through such a competitive time of the year takes proven methods and preparation. This client reaped the rewards from our teams meticulous planning and execution, and saw their highest producing holiday month yet.
Womens Fashion Boutique

$471,000 in 1 Month

For this new startup company, our main focus was to create messaging which resonated with their audience. Once we had proof of concept in this area, we begun advertising on Facebook, Google & TikTok to build immense omnipresence in their niche. As a result, we achieved a 6.00x ROAS in a single month.
Womens Handbag Store

€8,000 in 1 Month

Entering such a competitive niche has it's hurdles, however, for this company good branding and effective creatives made all the difference. We figured out what their audience member truly desired, and doubled down on that messaging with our ads. The result? They achieved their largest producing month as a startup.

Our Client Results Speak For Itself

$484.2k generated in 5 months

 Like most eCommerce brands struggle with, this client felt as though they were hitting their heads on this ceiling whenever it came to ramping up their ad campaigns.

 Their initial thought was that their strategies were flawed and was what needed optimizing.

 After our team conducted a deeper analysis, we noticed it was the brands inability to land their key messages with their audience, which was the reason for poor CTR and a low website conversion rate as a whole.

 When we started working with the brand, we immediately curated new angles which truly resonated with their audience, and assembled copy & ad creatives that aligned with such messaging.

 Fast forward 5-months and we were able to find 3 new winning copy & creative combinations which allowed us to generate a whopping $484,000 in revenue on Facebook.

$992k generated in 1 year

Most brands never reach incredibly profitable results because they overlook the vital fundamentals which feed their ROAS.
Attention grabbing ad creatives, deeply resonating ad copy, irresistible offer, direct CTA, and a solid landing page are all levers that must be pulled.

 When we began working with this brand we spent close to 14-Days alone working through every single one of these areas because we saw the immense potential in their brands scaleability leading into the new 2020 fiscal year.

 Once our teams collaborative strategies were implemented, we began seeing noticeable increases within their CTR & Website Conversion Rate. CPMs and CTR decreased, which allowed us to generate spine tingling profitability as we scaled, and as we continue to ramp up.

$52.2k in our  first month collaboration

This is an Ecomm client who specializes in the pet supplies niche.

 Prior to becoming a Pinnacle Media client, their main channel of advertising was purely Instagram focused without the use of any Facebook placements.

 There was only so much scale they could experience with Instagram and that's where we came in.

 Diving into Facebook ads we needed to ensure our marketing strategies were set to resonate with their audience, which meant proper ad copy and creatives which landed contextually with their audience.

 In our first month collaborating with this client, we significantly grew their monthly revenue to over $52,000.

 This was a drastic increase in revenue compared to the previous 2-months where they were only able to generate around $5,000 total. This was a byproduct of effective strategizing our team conducted in our 'pre launch advertising process'.

$6.7k generated in 1day

This women's fashion E-Commerce client approached us in efforts to ramp up their daily sales volume, as they began to notice a significant plateau in their results after the Christmas holidays.

 With less urgency to buy products and consumers feeling as though they paid their dues online, this brand still wanted to generate sales consistently without having to worry about the holiday months taking away from their normal sales days.

 Right away when we began working with them, we knew we needed to implement irresistible offers at specific points within their funnel to engage audience members effectively which would encourage them to purchase with utter urgency.

 We placed offers within their "Middle Of Funnel" & "Bottom Of Funnel" to dial in on this logic that our team had strategized.

 Fast forward a week after launching our first ad campaign, and their fulfilment team began getting flooded with new orders because of sales days as you see above.

Who Our Services Are Built For?

  • Founders who feel as though they're plateauing and can't break through those seemingly impossible ceilings.
  • Founders who aren't experiencing a healthy monthly increase in revenue year round.
  • Founders that are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver poor results.
  • ​F​ounders that want proven marketing and sales strategies applied into their paid traffic funnel.
  • ​Founders who are deeply seeking to become the industry leader and enter into a league of their own amongst their competition.
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